About Dr. Ron Wilson

Builder-Pioneer-Innovator-Visionary are four words that describe the man and ministry of Dr. Ron Wilson. This pioneer founded the Full Gospel Christian Assemblies International Church in 1983 at the tender age of 27. His innovative leadership steered the church from 15 to 1,500 members in thirteen years and today the church is thriving at 2,000 strong.

Born in the gang and drug infested streets of the Englewood Community on Chicago South Side, God raised up this humble man to minister across the states and various countries including Africa, India, Mexico, Barbados, St. Lucia, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina and Brussels. Dr. Ron, the builder and visionary, spied out the land in Hazel Crest, Illinois and successfully built a $2 million state of the art edifice in 1998 with 13 outreach ministries under its umbrella to meet the needs of it’s church members and the community. Not long thereafter, land to the north, east and west of it’s current building was also purchased for future building projects. In the spirit of rebuilding the walls of the community, a 60,000 square foot dome will be constructed in the near future. Dr. Ron is a modern day Nehemiah!

Dr. Ron is founder and president of C.A.I.M. a consortium of local and international ministries who support one another. During his international ministry in South Africa, God used this man of destiny to be the first African-American ever to speak in the pulpit of a congregation who once practiced apartheid. He was invited back in 2004 to celebrate South Africa’s 10 years of liberty.

Dr. Ron is the recipient of several awards for his outstanding community involvement. He sits on several boards including Mutual Bank. F.G.C.A.I. “Hope Dealers For Christ” Ministry is recognized by the Chicago Tribune, as a ministry making a difference in the lives of young adults in the South Suburban area. Dr. Ron was the guest host on TBN several times to discuss various topics including today’s youth issues. This innovator has developed a cutting edge weekly Christian drama entitled "Simply Livin'" which will be airing in the summer of 2005. Dr. Ron along with four Apostles from the Chicagoland area host a weekly television program entitled “The GateKeepers” that focuses on the nation’s current events and God’s solutions.

Dr. Ron is the author of two books entitled “Being Delivered From Average” and “Fitly Functioning Together.” His latest ground shaking release entitled “Rebuilding The Walls,” is a combination of weekly sermons on the ministry of Nehemiah and intensive research on America’s past, present and future.

Dr. Ron is happily married to Dr. Barbara and together they Pastor, Full Gospel Christian Assemblies International. They have three lovely children. LaTasha, Stephan, and Christopher who are also active in the ministry.