C.A.I.M Membership

If you would like to become a member of C.A.I.M, please read the following and fill out the form above.

A. Financial Commitments

1) Initial Membership Fee is $200.00 for the Senior Pastor of the Church or Ministry which he/she is overseer (Due with your application).
2) Annual Renewal of Membership Fee of $200.00 for the Church
due on the anniversary date of your joining CAIM.
3) Membership dues are due the 30th of every month. Please make
checks payable to “CAIM” and mail to:

Dr. Barbara Sams at FGCAI
3451 West 175th Street, Hazel Crest, IL 60429.

B. Meeting Commitments
All member Pastors or Five-Fold Ministry Leaders of CAIM meet throughout the year at FGCAI Church.

All CAIM Pastors and Five-Fold Ministry Leaders are expected to attend at a
minimum, the following:
A. Conferences
B. CAIM Pastors and Five-Fold Ministry Leaders Meetings
C. Training (continued below):

1) Church and Ministry design, organization, administrative management and training in expanding beyond the walls of the local church are apart of CAIM’s strengths in Church, Ministry Growth and Development.

2) All Pastors or Five-Fold Ministry Leaders, as well as their Church Leaders, who wish to avail themselves of CAIM’s ministry resources, as is relates to core and additional ministries, should contact Dr. Sherman Arrington, Provost of CAIM International Bible Institute for a list of all resources.

D. Installation Services
CAIM installation and commissioning services are scheduled during the “Apostolic Encounter” Conference.