Dear Pastors and Five-Fold Ministry Leaders,

Praise the Lord and welcome to CAIM, a fellowship of Pastors, Five-Fold Spiritual Leaders and Churches. It is our prayer that as you journey through these pages, you will get a glimpse of our commitment to fulfilling God’s purpose, which we take great joy knowing that you share the vision of CAIM. As a fellowship, we endeavor to evangelize the lost by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ; raise up and train men and women in the Five-Fold Ministry; to edify and equip the people of God through teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our focus is to expand the territorial boundaries of the Kingdom of God throughout the World; assist local pastors and congregations in church organization and administration; initiate effective Market Place Ministry; and implement educational and social economical initiatives to effect life long success for the whole man and communities.

Regardless of your race, background or history, this is a place where you are welcome. At CAIM we believe in corporate prayer, praise and worship and that holiness is a lifestyle that we must follow. We are reverent in our worship, obedient to the move of the Holy Spirit, and operate in the spirit of excellence, love and compassion.

This letter has been prepared with Godly anticipation as we again welcome you as an Associate Pastor or Five-Fold Ministry Leader to the Coalition of Apostolic International Ministries.

Evangelism, Pastoral Mentoring, Ministerial and Christian Education, Clergy Counseling, Music Ministry, Church Outreach, Adult & Youth Ministry, Church Planting & Recruiting, Church Administration and Management, Advancing Women in Ministry, Local & Foreign Missions, Health & Wellness Center Development, Community Housing and Social Economic Initiatives, Arts and Media Ministry, and Child Care Ministry.

CAIM has been structured to benefit the local pastor and congregation and aid in perfecting ministry at all levels including administration, accounting, computerization, leadership development and facilities expansion.

Contributions and other funds received by CAIM are designated for local, regional and Foreign Missions that include the Spiritual, Physical and Social Economic Development of mankind. CAIM’s missions further defined consists of inner city outreach, construction of LaRonChris Housing in each geographic area represented by a fellowship church, church planting (local, national and international), acceptance and nurturing of new church fellowships and administrative support relative to the mission of member churches.

CAIM function in accordance with our Lord and Savior’s biblical standards of integrity and holiness through the adoption and implementation of sound scriptural principles and structure, resulting in the local member church experiencing continued growth. CAIM is committed and dedicated to meeting the needs of its members and church organizations.

After prayerful consideration, we hope you are led to join us as we endeavor to save souls, glorify the God of our Salvation and expand the territorial boundaries of the Kingdom of God in the earth.