2022 pledge

2022 – “the year of angels”

“Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.” Matthew 4:11 KJV

We pray that you would consider making this Vow to the Lord in the year, “2022” that your first fruits and your offering will be special to your family and also to God.

The number (2) is a representation of Angelic presence. It is also synonymous to the year 2022, in which it is made of (three – 2’s), which is Divine. However, to appreciate this year you have to understand Jesus’s plight through Temptation. We can all identify and can learn from him and how he overcame it.

Prophet Dexter James from Port of Spain Trinidad, spoke a mighty word on Sunday, December 12th, to end the year 2021.

As this year represents (three – 2’s), we are praying that you would give your first fruit offerings in the amount of $222.00 or whatever the Lord places on your heart.

Your “First Fruit” is determined by you. We are asking as a church for a sacrificial gift of $222.00. It’s easy to give:

  • One time gift of: $222.00
  • Monthly gift of: $18.50 X 12 months until completed

You are not limited to this amount. Allow the Lord to lead you as He speaks to your heart.

We are anticipating 100-fold return in 2022 in which giving opens the door to receiving!

God Bless You,

Apostle Ron & Pastor Barbara Wilson