SMT Classes

School of Ministerial Training  (REGISTRATION OPEN NOW)

Director: Prophetess Debra Burns

Sharpen Iron Church School will resume on March 7, 2021 on our Zoom Platform 

School of Ministry will resume on Jan 12 to Feb 25, 2021 (Tuesdays)

Classes offered: 

Classes offered: 

# 1 – Advance Leadership – will start on Jan 13th – Feb 24th

#2 –Leadership 102 – Jan 12th – Feb 23rd

#3 – Leadership (Fundamental) class 101 (Free) – Jan 13th – Feb 24th

All classes on Zoom Platform from 6-7 pm

Please state in message section which class you are taking.

Registration fee $25.00 per class 

Registration fee for Advance Leadership and Leadership 102 – $25.00 

Certificate graduation all for classes will be held on March 7th (1st Sunday) 

All classes are held for 6 weeks 

Zoom ID number will be given after registration is completed.

To sign up, fill in your information below to register for our SMT courses, then proceed to make your payment below for your selected course. Please note: Be specific in the contact form of which class you are applying for so we can insure your spot, thank you.