School of Ministerial Training 

Winter Classes begin february 22nd

Director: Prophetess Debra Burns

Registration Required

 2023 classes

Ascension Gifts (12 Weeks)

Why & How Apostles are First

Derived from the Greek term protos, proton identifies that which is foremost in time, place, order or importance.  Foremost speaks to that which is chief, leading, principal, and primary besides being the start of something.  Jesus named his apostles first, you will learn why in this class.


Advance Leadership (8 Weeks)

Learn the skills to move beyond being a mamager, to become a leader!  Acquire the skills needed to motivate and inspire people to act.  Learn to measure and evaluate your skills and those of your team, and much more.  This class will prepare you to answer God’s call on your life—to serve.

Ministry of Helps (8 Weeks)

To receive sound biblical training in the area of serving/helps within the body of Christ. To enhance knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the importance our Kingdom assigment in the local church and beyond.