3 in 1 Night Light




3 in 1 description
  • More than a beautiful device: Attach your MagSafe-compatible iPhone to enjoy its many possibilities: listen to music, watch videos, make video calls, or follow a recipe.
  • Easy to pair: Use your Bluetooth connection to start streaming your favorite tunes from your audio library.
  • High-quality stereo sound: No static noise or other kinds of interference. Perhaps we need further technical details on this? I don’t know.
  • MagSafe charging: Use the magnetic phone stand on the top of the speaker to charge your smartphone. Before purchasing the speaker, make sure yours is compatible with the MagSafe technology! Compatibility with all iPhone models starting from the iPhone 12 is guaranteed.
  • An ideal gift: Either in pink or black is a great present for couples, parents, or to share with your best friend.


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